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Etymology: Eretiǹgrai AI, from the same letter in Mižinai.

The 30th letter of the T́uliǹgrai alphabet is a diphthong, the letters A and I pronounced so closely together that there's no audible break between them.

AI is pronounced like the "long I" in English, like AE in Latin, or AY or AI in Spanish. Its name is ai (informal) and eairetai (formal).
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Etymology: Er. aisao, and (conjunction)

ais — And, both. Ais is used in four ways: (1) Placed between two nouns, it makes them a group: Juhai ais Pâtai zunaotad zalavix, Juho and Pâta like to run. (2) Placed before the last of three or more nouns, it works the same way: Juhai, Vîd́ai, ais Pâtai eilavi zunaotad, Juho, Vîd́a, and Pâta enjoy running. (3) It can be appended to the second of two nouns: Kristi Samiais tlazuzîvan ailenyr. I saw Kristu and Samo yesterday. (4) When used twice, once before each item of a pair of nouns, AIS… A AIS… B means "Both A and B". Ais Kaθai ais Susai zunukid, both Kaθa and Suso are asleep (conjunctional particle).

Aisai — A personal name, of any gender, transcribed in fiction on this site as Aisu (proper noun).

aisakristei — A dream of Aisu (event noun, ei-aisakristai).

aisakristestei — A group or bunch of dreams about Aisu (event noun, ei-aisakristestai).


Etymology: Er. aisyrsim, and yet (conjunction)

aisim — and yet, and still, more emphatic than im by itself. Aisim… aisim… And although… still… (conjunctional particle)


Etymology: ai, informal name for the letter AI, + ret, a letter of the alphabet (count noun)

aireta — To mark something with the letter AI (transitive verb, zaairetax).

airetarnē — A person who marks something with the letter AI (animate noun, ēairetarnai).

airete — The letter AI of the T́uliǹgrai alphabet (count noun, eairetai).

aireteste — A group or set or collection of the above (count noun, eairetestai).

airetekore — A piece of jewelry in the form of the letter AI of the T́uliǹgrai alphabet (count noun, eairetekorai).

airetekoreste — A group or set or collection of the above; or a box to keep them in (count noun, eairetekorestai).

airetê — AI-ness, the balance, shape, design, or composition of the letter AI (mass noun, êairetai).

airetei — The act of marking something with an AI, or making art incorporating the letter AI (event noun, eiairetai).

aireti — To make a piece of art that incorporates the letter AI (intransitive verb, zaairetix).

airetirnē — A person who does the above (animate noun, ēairetirnai).

aireto — Like or pertaining to the letter AI (adjective, airetol).

airety — As above, but an adverb (adverb, airetyr).

Pages, in T́uliǹgrai alphabetical order:

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