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Completed books and stories

The Reborn Princess Caper

The Last-Minute Queen

The Aeneid
by P. Vergilius Maro,
(ill.) Gordon Laite,
(ed.) Leo D. Orionis

A Meeting at Κtûn

Werewolves Are Bunk
and Other Stories

A collection of 12 stories

More completed stories

Bedtime Story

A Journal Entry


The Remains

Books, not finished yet

Akbash and the Golden Empire
Chapters 1–9 only

Battle of the Kings
Chapter 1 only

Just before the End
Chapters 1–7 only

Ongoing. Chapters 1–4 so far

The T́ulańē
Chapter 1 only

The Zeta People
Chapters 1–7 only


Not finished yet,
Completed parts listed below.

◊ Table of Contents ◊

Maiden Flight

Rush to Battle

Going Long

The Imperial Guard

New Friends

New Experiences

New Players



The Latin Calendar

The North American Union

The Outside Calendars

Time Line of a Typical Skyburst Earth

Time Line of a Typical "Sleep of Reason" Earth

The T́uliǹgrai Alphabet
Improved replacement being written.

T́uliǹgrai Grammar
Improved replacement being written.

T́uliǹgrai Etymological Dictionary (TED)

More vocabulary added every day:
520 roots and 7,822 words as of 10/18/2019.

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