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Books, complete

The Reborn Princess Caper

The Last-Minute Queen

The Aeneid by P. Vergilius Maro,
illustrated by Gordon Laite,
edited by Leo D. Orionis

A Meeting at Κtûn

Werewolves Are Bunk
And Other Stories

A collection of 12 stories

Books, not finished yet

Akbash and the Golden Empire [1]
Chapters 1–9 only

Battle of the Kings [1]
Chapter 1 only

Just before the End [1]
Chapters 1–7 only

The T́ulańē [1]
Chapter 1 only

The Zeta People [1]
Chapters 1–7 only


Bedtime Story

A Journal Entry


The Remains

Table of Contents

Maiden Flight

Rush to Battle

Going Long

The Imperial Guard

New Friends

New Experiences



The Latin Calendar

The North American Union

The Outside Calendars

Time Line of a Typical Skyburst Earth

Time Line of a Typical "Sleep of Reason" Earth

The T́uliǹgrai Alphabet
Improved replacement being written.

T́uliǹgrai Grammar [1]
Improved replacement being written.

The T́uliǹgrai Etymological Dictionary (TED)
More vocabulary added every day:
421 roots and 6,200 words as of 7/15/2019.

N. B.: Entries shown in grey
are [1]  Incomplete
or [2]  Need revision
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