The North American Union

The North American Union (NAU) is a member state of the United Nations, founded by a treaty of union ratified by the ten nations that existed on that continent in the late 21st Century A.D. The new nation came into existence on January 1, 2100, the first day of the last year of the 21st Century.

The national capital is Denver, located in the state of Colorado. There are 106 states, and each state has two senators, for a total national senate of 212. Representatives are apportioned every ten years so that each national representative stands for approximately 100,000 constituents. At the time of union, the first NAU census found a national population of just over 700 million people, so the number of national representatives from 2100-2110 was fixed at 7000. NAU Representatives, Senators, Judges, and the President are all elected by direct popular vote, and may all be recalled by popular vote or impeached by Congress. There is no Electoral College. There are no term limits except for presidents, who are limited to a maximum of two four-year terms.

All rights guaranteed in the constitution of any nation that joined the Union is guaranteed in the Union's constitution, as well. Anyone born in the territory of the North American Union is a citizen of the North American Union. If any law of the NAU conflicts with a law of the United Nations, the U.N. law supersedes the NAU law.

Regions of the North American Union

Regions are ceremonial vestiges of the nations that united to form the NAU. Though they retain their former capitals and maintain their monuments and cultural significance, the real political power lies at the national and state levels. According to the Constitution, the people of the States formed the Union by popular vote.

CAN — Former provinces and territories of the Republic of Canada (13 total). Regional capital: Ottawa (not part of a state).

IND — Independent nations that weren't part of Canada, the U.S., or Mexico before they signed the treaty of union (7 total). No regional capital.

MX — Former states of Estádos Unídos Méxicanos (31 total). Regional capital: Ciudad de México (not part of any state).

US — Former states of the United States of America (55 total). Regional capital: District of Columbia (not part of any state).

Political Parties

There are over a dozen political parties in the NAU, but most of them matter only in a single region. There are only four that matter at the national level: The Socialists, the Liberals, the Greens, and the Social-Democrats.

States of the North American Union

Each state has its own state government, usually with its own bicameral legislature, usually called the Assembly and Senate, though not always; its own state judges; and its own executive, usually called the state Governor. State business is conducted in the state capital.

Name of state Region Capital city
Aguascalientes MX Aguascalientes
Alabama US Montgomery
Alaska US Juneau
Alberta CAN Edmonton
Arizona US Phoenix
Arkansas US Little Rock
Baja California MX Mexicali
Baja California Sur MX La Paz
Belize IND Belmopan
British Columbia CAN Victoria
California US Sacramento
Campeche MX San Francisco de Campeche
Chiapas MX Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Chihuahua MX Chihuahua
Coahuila MX Saltillo
Colima MX Colima
Colorado US Colorado Springs
Connecticut US Hartford
Costa Rica IND San José
Cuba US Habaña
Delaware US Dover
Dominica US Santo Domingo
Durango MX Victoria de Durango
El Salvador IND San Salvador
Florida US Tallahassee
Georgia US Atlanta
Guanajuato MX Guanajuato
Guatemala IND Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción (Guatemala City)
Guerrero MX Chilpancingo de los Bravo
Haiti US Port-au-Prince
Hawaii US Honolulu
Hidalgo MX Pachuca de Soto
Honduras IND Tegucigalpa
Idaho US Boise
Illinois US Springfield
Indiana US Indianapolis
Iowa US Des Moines
Jalisco MX Guadalajara
Jamaica US Kingston
Kansas US Topeka
Kentucky US Frankfort
Louisiana US Baton Rouge
Maine US Augusta
Manitoba CAN Winnipeg
Maryland US Annapolis
Massachusetts US Boston
México MX Toluca de Lerdo
Michigan US Lansing
Michoacán MX Morelia
Minnesota US Saint Paul
Mississippi US Jackson
Missouri US Jefferson City
Montana US Helena
Morelos MX Cuernavaca
Nayarit MX Tepic
Nebraska US Lincoln
Nevada US Carson City
New Brunswick CAN Fredericton
Newfoundland and Labrador CAN St. John's
New Hampshire US Concord
New Jersey US Trenton
New Mexico US Santa Fe
New York US Albany
Nicaragua IND Managua
North Carolina US Raleigh
North Dakota US Bismarck
Nova Scotia CAN Halifax
Nuevo León MX Monterrey
Nunavut CAN Iqaluit
Oaxaca MX Oaxaca de Juárez
Ohio US Columbus
Oklahoma US Oklahoma City
Ontario CAN Toronto
Oregon US Salem
Panama IND Panama City
Pennsylvania US Harrisburg
Prince Edward Island CAN Charlottetown
Puebla MX Puebla de Zaragoza
Puerto Rico US San Juan
Quebec CAN Quebec City
Querétaro MX Santiago de Querétaro
Quintana Roo MX Chetumal
Rhode Island US Providence
San Luis Potosí MX San Luis Potosí
Saskatchewan CAN Regina
Sinaloa MX Culiacan Rosales
Sonora MX Hermosillo
South Carolina US Columbia
South Dakota US Pierre
Tabasco MX Villahermosa
Tamaulipas MX Ciudad Victoria
Tennessee US Nashville
Texas US Austin
Tlaxcala MX Tlaxcala de Xicohténcatl
Utah US Salt Lake City
Veracruz MX Xalapa-Enriquez
Vermont US Montpelier
Virginia US Richmond
Washington US Olympia
West Virginia US Charleston
Wisconsin US Madison
Wyoming US Cheyenne
Yellowknife CAN Yellowknife
Yucatán MX Mérida
Yukon CAN Whitehorse
Zacatecas MX Zacatecas
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