Winners of the Arts Championship,
1978 (2731)

I.  By Category

Baking Helena Marguerite
Alison von Sternheim
Kristiina Hurmaawa
Brewing Renfrew the Scribbler
Ulfdan Ullrsson
Alicia du Valle
Calligraphy Anthony von Sternheim
Ulfdan Ullrsson
Fergus McFergus
Costuming (Shoes) Ulfdan Ullrsson
Eleanora de Corona
Renfrew the Scribbler
(Mixed dances en suite)
Renfrew the Scribbler
Ulfdan Ullrsson
Alejandro di Padua
Honorable mention: Esmeralda de León
Drama Not enough entries; no prizes awarded
Embroidery Deborah of Glen Garrow
Ulfdan Ullrsson
Denise des Fleures
Illumination Alison von Sternheim
Ulfdan Ullrsson
Caitlyn ni Carraig
Lace-Making Caitlyn ni Carraig
Mathilde of Rannoch
Caroline Tunney
Poetry Anthony von Sternheim and
    Harold Godfrey "Peers of the Realm"
Ulfdan Ullrsson "On Seeing Avalon"
Jeanette of Aquitaine "Helena At Dusk"
Singing Katherine the Modest "Rose"
Ulfdan Ullrsson "Hrolf Kraki's Saga"
Cho Hye-Eun "The Emperor's Lament"

II.  By Individual

Alison von Sternheim, 2
Anthony von Sternheim, 2
Alicia du Valle, 1
Alejandro di Padua, 1
Caitlyn ni Carraig, 2
Caroline Tunney, 1
Deborah of Glen Garrow, 1
Denise des Fleures, 1
Eleanora de Corona, 1
Fergus McFergus, 1
Harold Godfrey, 1
Helena Marguerite, 1
Hye-Eun Cho, 1
Katherine the Modest, 1
Kristiina Hurmaawa, 1
Mathilde of Rannoch, 1
Renfrew the Scribbler, 3
Ulfdan Ullrsson, 8

III.  Overall winner
Ulfdan Ullrsson, Champion of the Arts

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