Unhappy Ending

Her heart has failed, though still it beats,
But not for him, as once it did.
Her mind has failed, that once was keen,
Her reason's lost in fantasy.

He lost his way, he fell down hard.
She did not help him to his feet,
But stood aloof and let him go
What way he could—and she went hers.

She made a plan, he moved to it.
She said she'd follow, but stayed behind.
She let the distance grow until
She needed no excuse but that.

She told him she no longer loved him,
She'd been unhappy for a while.
Was she lying then, or did she lie before?
Perhaps she does not know herself.

She threw their love into the trash,
Shocking him, and all who knew them.
He had no chance to win her back:
She said it was too late for them.

She's gotten old, her hair is gray,
She's gotten cold, she's naught to say.
He misses the woman she used to be.
He dreams of the girl with the tender eyes.

—San Diego
10/12 and 10/16/1999
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