Twilight Morning

What shall we do now that the stars are gone?
Where shall we find our light?
How shall we see when the moon is pale,
The planets hidden?  How can we find our way,
When the stars have wept down from the sky?

Now that the stars are gone,
Now that the light has left us,
Now that the moon is pale, the planets hidden,
We must find our light in the sun.

Twilight morning, the dawn approaches.
(See, it lurks beyond the sky)
The eastern horizon is awash with flame,
The sky there pale.
To the west night lingers still,
The moon and planets keep dominion.
The vault between is alive with shades,
Like a gekko changing colors.
The dark, dark clouds
Bear the brunt of the sun's arising.

Now that the sun is arisen, what should I do?
What shall I do with the darkness fled?
Where shall I find my peace with the planets gone,
When the moon has lost its way?
Where is my night when the daylight has pounced,
Devouring us all?

Now that the sun has arisen,
Now that the daylight
Has pursued the darkness out of sight,
Now that the planets are gone,
And the moon has lost its way,
I will find my night in you.

—San Diego
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