Talanque Steps Down

I have no wings to span the miles
That separate us two,
Nor, having duties, can I walk
The path that leads to you.
But as the Sun Eternal beams
On Calafia, dear and fair,
So does my love upon you shine,
And on all those who habit there.

Since first Talanque sat the throne,
It seemed his natural, perfect place:
The crown not honoring, but honored by
His kindly dignity and grace.
Barons came, and barons went,
And schemers rose and fell;
Calafia steered by Talanque's star,
And weathered every surge and swell.

He may set down the serpent crown,
He may the throne depart,
But our respect enthrones him still
In every Calafian heart.

Ides of October, 1994
Formerly titled "Talanque, Founding Baron of Calafia".  Copyright © 1994 by Green Sky Press.  All rights reserved.  Backgrounds and images are copyright by their respective authors, who retain all rights.