She Is Day (2000)

She is day, and my daylight too.
Not for her hair, though golden 'tis,
Nor for her skin, though bronzed by sun:
My heart's a bird in the sky of her gaze.

Evening fallen, candlelight
Sheened through the web of her outreached hand.
Tender her voice, a soft caress
For ears that cherished every note.

Stars in the night enhaloed her,
Moonlight glistened on her lips.
Words in the darkness, unrepeated,
Gave the meaning to our days.

My day began in her ready smile,
My life renewed with every laugh.
My dreams revolved around her love,
But dreams are night, and she is day.

—San Diego
1966 to 12/12/2000
Copyright © 1966-2000 by Green Sky Press.  All rights reserved.

Accepted for publication in The Silence Within, ISBN 0-7951-5062-8, Spring 2001.  Also published on tape and CD in The Sound of Poetry.  This poem also appears in my story "Werewolves Are Bunk."