Liquid cascading:
The shock ripples along my nerves,
The feeling pulses through my veins,
Emotion throbbing with my blood.
Liquid cascading:
My knees are turned to water,
The heat departs my limbs,
My stomach cramps painfully.
Liquid cascading:
The world spins dizzily,
All strength deserts me.
Fire tears my nose and eyes.
Liquid cascading:
My head buzzes, soundlessly.
A Presence warns of long-lost danger,
A tiger waiting now to spring.
The world fading:
What is this moment of premonition?
What means this detachment?
Why is it familiar?
Horror comes:
This is that moment of which I was warned.
Too late the memory comes faintly:
The tiger springs, and I die.
—San Diego
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