(Traditional verse in italics, as chorus)

Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose,
Will I never see thee wed?
I will marry at thy wish, Lord,
At thy will.

Sir John he has a sickly wife.
He loves his Anne more dear than life.
There is no witness to their grief
But her sister, named Rose.  (Chorus)

The lady dies at an early date.
He buries her in great estate.
He has no one to ease his fate
But the servants and Rose.  (Chorus)

He spends a year in mourning black;
His friends all whisper at his back.
His foes step softly, lest he attack:
He has no comfort but Rose.  (Chorus)

His life resumes its former pace.
He has new lines upon his face,
But in the court takes up his place,
With his new ward, named Rose.  (Chorus)

The ladies seek him for their lord.
The men pursue his pretty ward.
But his gaze on them is like a sword,
While gently smiles Rose.  (Chorus)

His feelings take him by surprise.
His anger opens up his eyes
And causes him to realize
That what he wants is Rose.  (Chorus)

He goes to her and bends his knee.
"I have been blind, but now I see.
O will you deign to marry me,
My sweet lady Rose?"  (Chorus)

"Of course I will, you silly man.
It was my sister's dearest plan.
My love for you is deep and grand,
I'm your own lady Rose."

Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose,
Will I never see thee wed?
I will marry as thou willest,
Love, at thy will.
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This song also appears in my novel The Last-Minute Queen, where it's credited to a fictional character..