Night Song

(To an original tune)

Now if you look in the sky, my love,
You'll see the moon above,
And twinkling stars, that seem to call
Peace to one and all.

Lady smiling in the sky so blue,
Smile on my lady, too.
I thought about her all the day,
I love her every way.

Lady mine, are you crying now?
There's no need for that, I vow:
Though I am here, my heart is there,
I've never ceased to care.

My lady love, look up and see
The moon that shines on me;
That lady great my vow will keep:
Together we will sleep.

So keep your heart secure from pain,
I'll hold you close again.
I'll make you safe, when I return.
You'll have no need to yearn.

Until that day, the stars above
Are witness to our love,
And when you see them, you can sleep,
Beloved, calm and deep.

—Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
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