Ioseph's Farewell

I wake in the morning when the geese go by,
The lost geese, the wild geese.
It isn't Fall, but the geese go by,
And my heart longs to fly home.

For the glens and the dells of Ireland call
Their gone lads, their flown lads.
It's night in my heart when I'm far from home,
But night in my home would be day.

I walk in the day and my love is here,
My true love, my always love.
It's noon by the sun, yet my love is here;
She'd be with me there, as well.

I came to be with her wherever she would,
For she was my life and my joy.
Wherever she was, was home to me;
Now I'll take her home in my heart.

Look for me where the hills are green,
As only those hills can be green.
Listen for me where the silkies sing,
And the pookas dance on the sea.

Copyright © 2004 by Green Sky Press.  All rights reserved.

This song was composed for, and appears in, my novel The Last-Minute Queen, where it's credited to a fictional character.