Green Eyes (2000)

Green eyes, shining in the northern sun,
Green eyes, glowing in the dawn,
Green eyes smiling into my green eyes
A message of love so sweet and strong:

Bright green jasper are Tina's eyes,
Sparkling in gentle Eugene rain,
Making vows she's swift to keep.
I hold her close and kiss those eyes again.

Green are the hopes in my heart now—
Green, as the Irish grass is green.
They rise again, like the grass in spring:
Finnish grass is just as green.

Green eyes, shine away my loneliness.
Green eyes, glowing in the dawn,
Smile sweetly into my green eyes
And promise our love is deep and long.

Precious emeralds are Tina's eyes,
Oregon sunshine through the rain.
Sun and rain make a rainbow bright,
And Tina melts away my pain.

Green is the love she makes me feel—
Green, as the Irish sea is green.
I never thought I'd feel this way again:
The Finnish sea is just as green.

—Eugene, Oregon, 7/6/96
Seoul, Korea and Fukuoka, Japan, 8/3/2000
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