For Two Years Now

Like a ship in sandy shallows,
Hung up between the tide and shore,
I come not in to your sweet harbor,
Nor sail free to seek once more.

Like a kite with line entangled,
Stranded 'tween the earth and sky,
I can't descend into your warm arms,
Nor can I join the birds to fly.

Caught between the come and go of you,
No right to hold on, no will to let go,
I'd rather wait, than learn at last
You have no word I'd want to know.

But say the bell that's poised for chiming
Need wait no longer, but gladly ring;
And tell the eyes that long to see you
Your eyes will give me cause to sing.

Copyright © 1986 by Green Sky Press.  All rights reserved.  Backgrounds and images are copyright by their respective authors, who retain all rights.

To the tune of "Bird on a Wire", very loosely.  Previously published in A Muse to Follow, 1996, Library of Congress ISBN 1-57553-062-7.