Evening Falls

(March Crown, Patria, 2731 A.U.C.)

Evening falls, the day is done.
We have worn out the watching sun.
The deeds he saw has made him weary,
So now he takes his rest.

Evening falls, the day is done.
Eighty fought so long, so well,
That all the Kingdom's bards can't tell
The story in one night.

Evening falls.  The day is done
For Armin, who died majestically,
For Caroline, true Amazon,
And for Yrjö, new-made knight.

Evening falls!  The day is done,
Turned into golden memory,
That breeds in us the tourney-lust:
The sun will see us here again.

Copyright © 2004 by Green Sky Press.  All rights reserved.

This poem appears in, and was composed for, my novel The Last-Minute Queen, where it's credited to a fictional character.