Elvira, near by night to me,
Found, suddenly, within my arm:
O gentle lady, gracefully
Giving kisses, long and warm:

One kiss was all I'd meant to take,
But kisses never were so sweet;
Though passes night and morning break,
It seems I could no kiss complete.

I little knew thy beauteous name
Before that unguessed good wind blew
A bard back home, his heart to claim;
How good a wind, I little knew.

Thy lips are sweet, thy voice is soft,
Thou clingest close; I should recall
I've been in love now far too oft,
In times I thought one kiss was all.

Though caution gird a questing soul,
Though easy heart be armored quite,
They could be won, for joy or woe,
When draws Elvira near by night.

—San Diego
Copyright © 1975 by Green Sky Press.  All rights reserved.