Dearest lady, the world rolls on,
And we roll with it, sad to say,
The thoughts and hopes we most should cherish
Buried beneath our cares each day.
Since first I met thee, I have known:
The woman behind that pleasant face
Is fully as fair and kind as she seems,
Within as without, in beauty and grace.

Dear Eloise, we always said
Our ladies here outshine all others.
Recall Diana and Persephone,
And then bring Eilonwy to mind,
Gentle Tara, fiery Christina,
Helena and Corrie, bold Alison.
Sweetest and fairest was Rowan-Lynn,
Heart of our hearts, the love of us all.

In thee, my lady, I hear her voice;
Like daughter from mother, thou hast her smile.
Our Bonnie baroness no more shall please,
But we are blessed with Eloise.

—Korea, 8/13/2000
Ides of August, 2753 A.U.C.
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