(SGU version)

(To the tune of "Evening Falls")

Daughter of the West, Patria's first seed,
Bountiful and best, free from hate and greed.
Kingdoms split, and provinces decay,
Baronies dissolve like ocean spray:
Immortal, Calafia.

Restless breakers plead favors from her hand.
Eastern mountains speed shade to desert sand.
Gray whales spout, and grunions mob the shore,
Condor soars above the cougar's roar.
Here in our Calafia.

Where her people go, baronies arise.
Dreiburgen started so, Sternheim's golden prize.
Du Lac reigns in far-off Germany,
Eilonwy beside the Western Sea,
Offspring of Calafia.

Mezentius decreed the dream be made anew.
The Pelicans took heed, and like a flow'r it grew.
The Golden Unicorn breathes the southern air,
Knights protecting it stroke its silky hair.
Laurels praise Calafia.

When our exile's past, when the work is done,
Then our feet turn at last to seek the beaming sun.
Foreign lands have lured us long away,
Now our hearts will brook no more delay.
We've come home, Calafia.

12-17 December 2001
Copyright © 2001 by Green Sky Press.  All rights reserved.

This version of my song appears in my novel The Last-Minute Queen, where it's credited to a fictional character.