Arthur's Vow

Avalon!  The sight of thee
The wounded heart stirs in my breast,
In hope that on thy faery shores
It might find healing, if little rest.

Mercy I knew not, nor little looked for;
Love's a jest to the elven kind;
It suffices me to be of use
For the noble purpose I have in mind.

Britain knows me nevermore,
Camelot fades to a misty dream,
And all my work in justice's name
Was only a madman's moonlight scheme.

But the stately Queens who saved my life
Have pled their peoples' cause to me.
If Avalon needs a leader in war,
Their mortal champion I shall be.

By the Double Falls I see to starboard,
Leaping thund'rous to the sea;
By the mighty serpents making sport
Of mere great whales in the cliffside lee;

By the Dragon that was my totem
In the wars that I erstwhile fought;
By the present peace that Albion knows,
However dearly and fatally bought;

That pagan elves wreak bloody ruin
May my honor and Christ forfend!
To torture and human sacrifice
In Avalon I'll make an end.

A man in Alfheim lives forever,
Forever his eyes to his homeland turn.
This too I vow:  If you've need of me,
Call me, Britain:  I will return.

—San Diego
12 March 2005
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