Amica Amata

So many times I've sought to love
Yet won but passion for a while;
Silence afterwards and sorrow,
Hurt exchanged instead of smiles.

Too hard we try to cling together,
The grip itself can give us pain.
Grant us wisdom this remember,
That friendship may for us remain.

Though I may never lie with thee,
I would not change for thy sweet smile
A hundred nights, if then we parted.
Thy dear embrace I count as gold.

Patience held thee through thy sorrow,
We who love thee wiped thy tears.
Thanks we give that wisdom whispered
"Hold her lightly, never fear."

A new love this, but rich in joy;
Thy bright eye is my heart's reward.
Glad we are to see thee happy,
Gladder still thou see'st me gladly.

—Cupertino, California
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