30 Years Ago Today

Dark our days then, grim our prospects:
Nixon was President, Reagan Governor,
Wilson Mayor, Vietnam bloody.
But the light of the West was five years old;
Atenveldt crowned its first king ever.

Jeffrey Brokenblade came to State,
A vassal of Duke Henrik of Havn,
And in a military history class,
Making mail, attracted those
Who'd be the Barony's cornerstones.

David du Lac made a suit of mail,
Spangenhelms, and swords;
Lysander had full Greek armor,
Gleaming brass over crimson garments,
Black serpent shield, flickering sword.

Curtis wore black leather armor
And hid short hair with a Valiant wig.
Bruno was elegant in oak-leaf surcoat.
Plucky Neil was our herald,
Irish kilt and bushy mustache.

Wäldt von Markheim was a wizard then,
Appearing in puffs of purple smoke;
Brother Sebastian in brown monk's robe
Blessed the fights and wrote poetry,
Knighthood and kingship far in the future.

Ladies came to the clash of swords:
Corrie of the flashing wit,
Blushing Tara, bold Cristóbal,
The Three (Mabuhay lady) Graces,
Golden Diana, calm Erszebet.

Chuck was retired from the Air Force,
Always ready to help or do.
Leodamas of Thebes the name he took,
The hardest task his special role,
Pouring oil on troubled waters.

Dean let no wheelchair slow him down.
Even then he worked at State,
And sponsored the young group's campus status.
In retribution they made him Baron
When he left the room to use the jakes!

Bonnie was our Baroness,
Bonnie in name and nature both,
Lovely in figure, face, and demeanor,
Dean's wife and love and strong support.
Rowan-Lynn and Talanque the names they chose.

I joined myself a whole year later,
A noonday demo at State it was.
All I've mentioned were members then,
And more besides. I would not slight
A single one, but this gets long.

I cannot mention all who gave
Work and love, devotion and joy.
There were so many blessed us thus:
Sun up, sun down, sun up again
Were far too short to hail their names.

Just let me say that in those days
All were welcome, all esteemed.
Like family the Barony then,
Like family I find it now.
So I pray it will always be.

Calafia 11/3/2000 (XXXV A.S.)
a.d. III Nonis Novembris 2753 A.U.C.
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