Turkey, July and August 2015

Teaching English at English Time, a private school in Turkey.

1020771, 2015/07/08, 0617.  View out the front window of Sofian's and my apartment on Istiklal Cadde (Revolution Street).  Taken just to check that my camera works with the backup memory I brought, because the other memory chip died.  We're on the north side of the street, and you can see part of the apartments on the south side.  If you walk west a couple of blocks you come to the local supermarket, and Belza Plaza, a mall.

1020772, 2015/07/24, 1210.  Students on the last day of my last, Level 5 class in Izmit, the others having quit attending earlier.  As usual, only the women are serious about learning.  These ladies were a pleasure to have in my class.

1020773 and 1020774, 2015/07/26, 2241 and 2242.  Where the service buses from Izmit drop off passengers to catch the regular buses to Istanbul.  I got way too familiar with this place.  There's a convenience store, some vending machines, and some rest rooms behind me.

1020775, 2015/07/27, 0134. A cami (mosque) in Beshiktash, an area of Istanbul. Taken out the front window of a taksi (taxi) on the way to Taksim, another area, where the English Time offices were.

1020776-1020780, 2015/07/27, 0622-0626.  Walking down a very steep alley from Istiklal Caddesi (another Revolution Street) in Taksim, just to see where it goes.

1020781, 2015/07/27, 0628.  At the bottom of the alley, street mostly level now.

To be continued…

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