San Diego, some time in 1969

A meeting of IAC, the "Infinity Aerospace Corporation"

[16900001] L to R: Randy Wilson, David Fylstra, David Haslim, Bill Straith, Rick Robinson, Mark Horton, Stephen McGlone*, Suzanne Balvin, and Leo Orionis

* There's no individual picture of Stephen McGlone because I blurred the picture so badly that the photo lab refused to develop it. My sincerest apologies. These were the first photos I ever took.—LDO

[16900002] Suzanne Balvin

[16900003] Suzanne Balvin in front of the club house, holding the club's emblem

[16900004] Suzanne Balvin and her father, Mr. Balvin

[16900005] David Fylstra

[16900006] Randy Wilson, David Fylstra, and their computer project

[16900007] Randy Wilson

[16900008] David Haslim and Leo's fat thumb

[16900009] Bill Straith

[16900010] Rick Robinson

[16900011] Mark Horton

[16900012] Leo Orionis and the club's collection of aerospace materials
This site is Copyright © 2000-2020 by Green Sky Press. All rights reserved. All the photographs on this page were taken by Leo Orionis on a pre-digital camera, except for 16900001 (taken by Suzanne Balvin's father), and 16900012, taken by Suzanne Balvin. All photo blunders, such as blurring, are the fault of Leo Orionis. Printed photos were scanned by Leo Orionis in 1996. All the teenagers in these photographs were members of IAC.