Malawi, Republic of

1989 Act; 1990; 1993 Issue. 1 Kwacha, 1990, 1992. Red-brown on multicolor underprint. Palm tree, man in dugout canoe and rayed silver circle at center. Portrait of Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda as President at right. Increasing-size serial number vertical at left and at bottom right. Reverse: Two people cultivating tobacco. #23, pg. 595.

1989 Act; 1990; 1997 Issue. 5 Kwacha, 7/1/1997, 3/1/2004, 12/1/2005. Deep olive green, green, and olive-brown on multicolor underprint. John Chilembwe at right and as watermark, sunrise and fishermen in a canoe at center, bank logo at lower left. Reverse: Villagers mashing grain, caption "FOOD SECURITY". #36, pg. 596.

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